Plaines de France V 1.00 fixed MOD

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Plaines de France V 1.00 fixed MOD

Version 1.00 fixed
-Collision “coop du centre” fixed
-Decoration to the shop
-New decoration for the sell point for sand, gravel and earth. Easier for to find (and french names)
-other things fixed…

Welcome to Plaines de France. New remake of Sosnovka in French version.

Card composition and features:
-5 farm buildings
-137 fields (at the time of purchase this is the entire domain and not a field)
-Curable manure (cows and pigs)
-New soil texture in the fields
-New texture of barley and silage (On the ground the textures remain those of origin.
-If you want the same textures on the ground you will have to integrate them at the root of your game)
-Fully redesigned particle system
-NH Store
-11 points of sale
-10 points of sale to private customers (in front of garage/sand gravel ant ground only)
-3 glass waste (to sell to biomass)
-1 quarry (stone gravel extraction and supply of asphalt)
-Many water points (soil and gravel extraction)
-Possibility of sand extraction in the river
-Curable Ditches
-2 construction site TP (trenches to be closed)
-Multiple forests
-Removable mouth/hedges and ploughable nettles (to connect fields)
-Storm flash (based on night cycle so also visible at night, “think of it as heat flashes”)
-Building land (one of which must be cleaned before placing a building)
-Unclear terrain (possibility of trenches)
-Multiangle of land (64)
-More real animal cost

-Illumination in town (church, laposte, vet…)
-New service stations
-Selling point lighting
-New vehicles in traffic (if you stop the police/ambulances they will let you know…)
-Cows stabul/fields
-Military base (no entry / intrusion alarm)
-Solar panel fields.

Team UJF
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