Kamaz 6520-21010-43 v2.1.1 MOD

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Kamaz 6520-21010-43 v2.1.1 MOD

Added shine to the cab and bodywork.
Added body color selection
Added numbers
Also the truck is fully adapted.
under the mod Gear Box (mod on the gearbox)
Real gear ratios of ZF 16 S 1820 TO gearbox are assigned for each gear. Now the truck has a 16-speed gearbox (16 forward gears and 2 reverse gears)
If you are playing without a gear box, then there’s nothing wrong with a truck that works fine without it.

The entire list of features.
– transports bulk cargo;
– Power: 315 kW / 428 hp;
– Speed: 95 km / h;
– Volume of a fuel tank: 600 l .;
– Cost: 128,500 €;
– Cost of service per day: 95 €;
– Select the primary color;
– Choice of body color;
– Select the color of the rim;
– The choice of design (body with ribs and without);
– The choice of grille;
– Animation of the suspension, mudguards;
– Tire pressure;
– The volume of the body: 16 000 l .;
– Working dashboard;
– Working light engineering;
– Working mirrors;
– leaves traces;
– It gets dirty and washes.

_Kolia_, Diman163. Revision: OREL RuS
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