Farming Simulator 2017 Mods


What was or is new:
Added Attacher for the Telelader at the small sign via configuration
new texture in used look
New dirt
Fixed animation of the supports

Description from version
I had always been bothered that when distributing and compacting the silage at the end always a small pile remained,
which I only got away by driving off the silo, turning around and redistributing in the other direction.

Side effect was that the silo was thus getting longer.
On the other hand I wanted to do something and so these Fliegl Silageschilder originated.

What is there to note now or what is different now:
The small sign has a three-point and a Euro-recording, which can be used without configuration.
It is intended for smaller businesses and silos where there is not much space available.
The large sign can move more material and therefore has only one receptacle for the wheel loader. (Telelader will probably be added later in an update)
It is mainly intended for use in BGA’s.
You should be careful with this sign something in the traffic, as it has a width of about 4m!
Until here everything was still standard and can be used as well.

It can now be small additional signs attached to the back of the two silage signs, which means that you can now “pull back” the silage.
Thus, you no longer have to constantly down, turn around and back up, but can distribute the entire silo time-saving in one direction and condense.
In addition, with the rear shield small bumps and holes can be eliminated in the silo.
The additional signs are in the dismantled state on a pallet and can thus be easily driven around.
To assemble them, drive with the sign over the pallet (from which side you have to do this, marked with an “arrow” on the pallet)
Then simply connect.

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What is this mod use for

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