[FBM Team] Deutz 06er Serie v1.0.0.0 MOD

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[FBM Team] Deutz 06er Serie v1.0.0.0 MOD

Deutz 06 series from 80 – 120 hp with Fritzmeier cab, DynamicHoses, MoreRealistic, Gearbox and Oilchange.

What has been done in the meantime?
– Model of Schwabenmodding / Player1
– Restoration May – mid-September 2018
– 2 versions / year of construction 1973 & year of construction 1977 (can both be the same)
– Model completely revised and animated incl. Diverser Neubauten
– Animated Indoor Script (Ifko)
– Full Interior Animated (light console, fittings, hand throttle, hydraulic lever, handbrake, pedals, Movecam, etc.)
– Wide range of wheel-tire combinations
– Hauer front hydraulics incl. Suitably installed hydraulic lines and optional PTO connection
– Gearbox and Oilchange mod Ready
– MR Ready
– swing axle
– Zapfwellenstutzen front and rear animated
– Buyable air filter variants
– Buyable beacons
– Cabin completely over IC Steerable incl. Windscreen wiper
– Air brake system
– Dynamic pants (2x compressed air 4xHydraulik 1xElektro)
– Buyable Weight in the Shop Category !! Weights !!
– Motor configurations / D8006 / D10006 / D13006
– 40km / h fast
– New sound
– Selectable rim color
– Aloe front loader console
– Rims color choice
– New decals
– New engine fitted with attachments including animated V-belts
– New ventilation grille used
– Front fenders can be hidden externally via Ic
– and I’ll forget something …

We wish you a lot of fun with our fictional work
The mod is not perfect …. but little quirks must the youngtimer lovers
Let’s see … as in real life

Giants Software GmbHPublisher: Forbidden-ModsUrmodell von Player1 [Schwabenmodding]Modell überarbeitet: puma [FBM]Umbau/LS17 Ready: Dani86 / Oldenfarm (FBM Oltimer-Team)Sonstige: Puma / THFalcon / Ifko(nator)
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